What is the Continent Map Workbook…& do you need it?

First, the Continent Map Workbook is for Grades 3-5.

Second, it is a collection of all the Let’s Go Geography map assignments for the year in worksheet form.

Watch the Video…or Read Below!

Watch the video below to look inside the Continent Map Workbook —

Without the Workbook

If you don’t have the Workbook, the curriculum lessons do have map questions in a read-&-answer-aloud format. And that works well.

Benefits of the Workbook

If you would like your Grades 3-5 student(s) to do just a little bit more, the Workbook provides that option. The Workbook not only has questions in written form, it also goes into a little more detail.

More questions to answer. More things to find, shade, or label.

Year 1 Continent Map Workbook

Another beauty of the Workbook also lies in its convenience!

You can have all map activities printed at one time, and then you have it ready-to-go for the entire year. Either 3-hole-punch everything to keep in a 1/2″ binder, or have it bound at your office supply store.

And there’s more. The Workbook allows you to have a written record of what the student(s) has studied over the year, allowing you to review things if you choose.

How is it Organized?

The Workbook is organized following the curriculum’s format. There is a chapter for the world, and a chapter for each continent.

The first page in each chapter is a map. A world map for the world chapter. A continent map for each continent.

Continent Map Workbook, Grades 3-5

Your student will refer back to this map for some (or all) of the questions for each country they study on that continent.

Some countries have additional maps of a specific region relating to the area. These regional maps are included right next to the question sheet for easy reference.

Each lesson has 1 Worksheet that is 1 page long. Even the countries that include regional maps only have a 1-page Worksheet. Which means there are 32 Worksheets in the book, which is 1 for every Lesson in a year of the Let’s Go Geography curriculum.

Add in the maps and miscellaneous pages, and the Continent Map Workbook is 65 pages long.

Order it Here!

You can order the Year 1 Continent Map Workbook PDF on this page: https://letsgogeography.com/store/product/continent-map-1/

This product is licensed for 1 household or homeschool.  For Schools & Co-ops, schools/parents must purchase this product for each child or household. Contact us for a Coupon Code for your group!

Continent Map Workbook 1, Classroom Edition

Want Year 1 pre-printed and ready-to-go? Order the Year 1 Classroom Edition here: https://letsgogeography.com/store/product/continent-map-1-classroom/

With the Classroom Edition, you may need a separate Teacher’s Key. Order the Year 1 Teacher Key PDF here: https://letsgogeography.com/store/product/continent-map-workbook-1-teacher-key/

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