Carol Henderson

Hi!  I’m Carol Henderson, author and webmaster of and   These sites evolved after years of teaching both my own kids at home and also classes of kids in a large, homeschool co-op.  I love creating activities and hands-on projects almost every week for my history & geography students.  The websites and this store are a way I can offer all this creative energy to other teachers for their homeschools or creative classrooms.  Take a minute to browse!  Enjoy!

Lets Go Geography - a geography curriculum for homeschools, co-ops, & creative classrooms

All geography products come from the curriculum. The full curriculum provides 32 country studies & general geography lessons per year. In contrast, this store lets you choose any country study to purchase individually. And there are 90 different countries to choose from!

Please note that this Hands-On Learning Store is separate from the primary site. Your purchases here will not appear in your account at the primary site (& vice versa).

A Book In Time offers history reading choices for almost all historical time periods. is a valuable resource for hands-on history teachers, & the source for all history products offered at this store. The site lists kids’ reading books for almost any historical era, with short descriptions & grade level recommendations. And it offers crafts & timeline resources, too.