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Geography is Fun!

Let's Go Geography is the kind of active, hands-on learning that moms & kids love.

It's a homeschool & classroom geography curriculum for Grades K-8 with hands-on activities for each grade level.  This includes maps to explore, flags to color and glue, and photos & videos to see, along with research & journaling OR coloring & crafts.

There's 3 full years of geography exploration, covering 90 countries/regions!

Let's Go Geography Award
Let's Go Geography curriculum: Year 1
Let's Go Geography, Year 2
Let's Go Geography, Year 3

We have been using this all year and I love it.
Such a great program!  --Lee M.

Let's Go Geo is a phenomenal value...So much is included for the low price.  --Amy H.

Let's Go Geography is the highlight of our week. --Kristine P.

This video gives you a great overview.  Be aware it was created BEFORE our Grades 6-8 products were added!  

Would you rather read about it?  Click here for 4 Steps to Use the Let's Go Geography curriculum!

How to Homeschool Award

Grades K-2 have everything they need in each lesson.  

Grades 3-5 add companion Geography Journals & optional Map Workbook.

Grades 6-8 add the companion Continents, Countries, & Cultures
                      (Year 1 available, more coming soon!).

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Let's Go Geography makes Geography the Best Part of Your Week!

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