Make a Medieval History Project: The Stefaneschi Triptych


Make a Kid’s Medieval Project outside of the usual knights or castle themes!  A triptych was a Medieval art piece commonly used in churches or cathedrals.

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When you need a Kid’s Medieval Project and you’re tired of the constant knights or castle themes, this is what you’re looking for!  Make a triptych–a Medieval art piece commonly used in churches or cathedrals.

This craft is straightforward and simple.  Best of all, it needs only light cardboard (a cereal box is perfect!), some 1/2″ craft ribbon, and scissors, glue, and tape.  The downloadable, PDF eBook includes some background on medieval triptychs, complete craft instructions with pictures, and the 3 printables needed to complete the project.

This craft works well in either a homeschool setting of only a few students or a classroom of many students.

Note:  You will want to print the artwork in color.  The other 2 patterns are fine in black & white.





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