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How to Make the Double Crown of Egypt


The Double Crown was worn in Ancient Egypt during its earliest history when the Northern and Southern kingdoms unified. This hands-on history project comes with patterns & step-by-step, illustrated instructions to create the Double Crown of Egypt with minimal supplies and preparation.

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Double Crown of Ancient Egypt Kids CraftMake a hands-on history craft with real historical meaning. This is more than just an art project; it depicts the crown worn by the pharaoh when Upper and Lower Egypt merged during the Old Kingdom. The first Pharaoh to wear this crown is typically attributed to Narmer (also called Menes) in the First Dynasty.

With our How to Make a Double Crown of Eygpt eBook, you can download complete patterns & instructions to make this simple project. This craft is easy enough for the younger elementary child, but significant enough for an older elementary child to enjoy it as well.

You will need colored paper, scissors, glue, and tape, as well as a gold (or yellow) chenille stem (also called pipe cleaners!).

The white part of the crown is best made with heavy, white cardstock, but you can use white colored paper, too. If you want to use cardstock and don’t have it, you don’t have to buy a ream. Just pop in to your local copy center and ask for a few sheets. They should be very accommodating!

The craft is simple enough for a large classroom, as well as a homeschool group of just a few. Either way, it’s just plain fun!

Carol Henderson, author of history website A Book In Time, brings you step-by-step instructions in this 12-page digital eBook.





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